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Bamboo green B Cottage Border edging


New product

Roll border edging painted in nice bamboo green colour in both sides. Very resistant painting to give a touch of colour in your garden!

Lenght: 2.50 m (8.20')

Height: 20 cm visible (7.87 in)

Made up of composite wood slats of 3,5 mm. Metal rods included (7 units)

29,00 €tax incl.

-1,00 €

30,00 €

B Cottage Decor is our painted range for outdoor use. You may choose between a range of 11 colours which are trendy and match very well with plants and flowers. 

The boder edging is painted in both sides, and very well finished with care in our wharehouse.

Different uses:

-        Delimit the lawn and other green areas in the garden

-        Placement around trees and bushes

-        Border and surround flower beds

-        Separate the lawn from dirt paths

-        As garden decoration


Place the metres of border edging that you need on the ground, forming the shape you wish. Secure the border edging with the metal rods (7 included), driving the tip of the rod into the ground with your hand, to secure them.

Our B Cottage range is comprised of products made of COMPOSITE WOOD, designed for your garden, terrace or balcony.

Composite wood is made of wooden fibres and polymers, so it looks just like traditional wood, but its polymeric base makes it resistant to the sun, water, rain, frost and sudden temperature changes. Slats thickness: 3,5 mm.

It has many advantages with respect to other materials:

Resistance and durability

- Composite wood is a high-durability product for outdoor use. It remains unchanged throughout the years.

- It resists sudden changes in temperature as well as adverse climate conditions. It resists damp and contact with water, without any problems.

- It does not crack, rot or splinter


-  Unlike traditional wood, composite wood does not require any maintenance or preservation.  It remains unchanged over the years, and does not require any paint, varnish or oil, year in year out.

- If you want to paint it, due to aesthetic reasons, it can be painted perfectly well with both indoor or outdoor paint.

Clean, safe material

-  It is cleaned with water.

-  You cannot cut or prick yourself with the slats. They do not crack and no pieces or particles come off them (as they do with natural screening).

Natural and distinguished

The aspect of composite wood is very similar to that of natural wood, with perfect graining. It always looks like new, as it is non-biodegradable.  All of this gives your composite products a touch of elegance and distinction, that will not be achieved with other materials.


Italian high quality painting, ecologic and non-toxic.

High-durability for outdoor use, resistant to rain, snow, wind, etc.


The entire range is manufactured in our atelier in Spain. We use a galvanised wire made in Germany.

We sew the slats with galvanised wire. Once the slats are joigned, we cut the edge at different measures.

We paint the edge and we let it dry for 3 days in appropiated conditions. To get a finished product we put a brand nameplate and we roll the edge in order to be well packed for delivery.

That is why we can also make custom orders. If you need for example a higher edging just tell us what are your needs and we will send you a custom budget.

Don't forget that you can remove the slats that you don't need by cutting the wire very easily.