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Bamboo green Siena Lawn edging


New product

This "italian style" lawn edging is made with stone effect grains. It is supplied in a 2-part set. Each part measures 80 cm long x 20 cm high.

The entire set measures 1.60 m long. It includes 4 fastening pegs.

24,00 €tax incl.

-3,00 €

27,00 €

Create your own space in the garden:

-Delimit and separate the lawn from the dirt paths

- Create flower beds

- Separate spaces for decorating

Each part measures 80 cm long x 20 cm high. The entire set measures 1.60 m long. The parts are joined together, although if you need more metres, you can add more sets.

Bamboo green colour, very nice looking in your garden decor.

- The material is flexible to shape them as you wish: curved or straight. 

Made of high quality virgin plastic resin. Highly resistant to the elements, they remain unchangeable with high or low temperatures.

-Anti-UV treatment: the colours remain the same with the passing of time.

-Robust material, impact-resistant

- They do not require any type of maintenance and the material can be cleaned with water.

- They are easy to dismantle and can be stored again without spoiling them

-Quick and easy to mount, you just have to join the parts and knock the pegs into the ground .

Each 2-part set includes 4 fastening pegs.