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Vegetable stand


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Three tier stand for plants. A great way to display and organise your plants & herbs !

Measurement: 65 cm (length) x 31 cm (depth) x 136 cm (height). 

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Very practical three-tier stand for your flower pots. Measurement: 65 cm (length) x 31 cm (depth) x 136 cm (height).

Use it indoors in winter, then move it outside, when the weather warms up!

Main advantages:

1- Create a stunning flower display and colorful plants so you can enjoy them close-up... In each shelf tray you can put 3-4 small pots or 2 big pots.

2- The stand has 3 watertight P.V.C shelf trays. You can water easily your plants inside the trays or even leave them to soak, for example if you go on holiday, as it is a water reservoir.

3- You can use it to start growing your own vegetables and flowers from seed. The trays are without drainage holes


The legs and base are painted in light grey epoxy resin, totally resistant to the elements and perfect for outdoor use. Shelf trays made in high quality,P.V.C resin, anthracite grey colour.

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