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Green Passion raised garden M grey


New product

Green Passion Raised vegetable garden with metal structure.

Size: 90x45x80 cm.

Ideal for growing tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, lettuce, aromatic plants, etc. at home.

Painted in light grey epoxy resin. Premium quality.

Elegant, modern and very useful.

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139,90 €tax incl.

What can you plant in your medium Green Passion?

- Vegetables: tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, lettuce varieties, cabbage varieties and broccoli,… (suitable crops for the urban garden)

- Fruit: strawberries, raspberries, etc...

- Aromatic and cooking plants: basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, mint, chives, etc.

- Seasonal plants and flowers, alone or combined with your crops

Easy combination idea for your Green Passion! This size enables you to plant 2 -4 varieties of crops. For example: tomatoes + aubergines, or courgettes + peppers. You can also combine 3 or 4 aromatic plants and use them for cooking.


Exterior: 4 metal perforated panels, totally resistant to the elements, to extreme temperatures (-30º o +60º).

Interior: geotextile felt layers

How does the inside of the bag work:

There are 4 layers of geotextile felts on the inside:

- The first layer (1), in direct contact with the soil, allows the irrigation water to be evenly distributed over the substrate and over the absorbing layer (2). Depending on the humidity needs of the plant, it will absorb more or less water. The excess will be soaked between layers (1) and (2).

- Attached to the white layer (2), a waterproof plastic film (3) prevents the water from filtering through the outer fabric of the bag, allowing the excess water to fall to the bottom of it.

- The final black layer (4) permits isolating excess water from the outer fabric, redirecting this surplus towards the seams at the bottom of the bag, where it will be discharged.

Thus, good crops with well-drained and ventilated soil can be grown, and never with too much water.


It can be assembled in 5 minutes! Just unfold the metal structure. Then place the base and the 4 panels, and put the bag inside. Put the upper frame to fix the bag perfectly. No tools are required!

You may download our User guide (see "Download")

Maximum capacity: 95 L. substrate. Maximum bearing weight: 200 kg.

Enjoy your Green Passion by trying different crops! You can reuse the inner bag for several seasons and several crops!

Bags are also sold separately.

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