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Authentic old fruit box, for use as flower box or for interior decoration. 2 units.

Size: 50x30x27 cm.  

With inner plastic bag to be able to plant inside.

57,90 €tax incl.

Our VINTAGEBOX wooden boxes are 30 to 40 years old. They used to be used to collect fruit and today they have been replaced with lighter wooden or plastic boxes.

The wood of the VINTAGEBOX boxes has been naturally aged with the passage of time, with its flaws, which makes the box even more attractive and is proof of its age. These boxes were manufactured in Spain in the seventies.

Each piece is unique as all the products were handmade.

They are very decorative:

As a flower box for your plants: thanks to the inner plastic bag (400 gauge), you can put soil and plant flowers inside. You can also plant aromatic herbs and put the box in the kitchen or outdoors.

- As decoration inside the house: To keep records, toys, as a magazine rack....

To decorate shop windows: they are not common to see and they give the window a charming rustic effect.

- To keep firewood: next to the hearth place

They are treated and controlled in our warehouse so that the wood has no insects or damp. 

We have also applied a layer of oak-coloured protective varnish, so that it looks healthy and to protect the wood.

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