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The Story

I have always been connected in some way to gardens… when I was very small I used to like helping my father plant… he told me how I had to do it and he showed me all the varieties of plants he had. What I liked best was wheeling the wheelbarrow from one place to another….

Since then, I knew that plants would always be present in my life… So it was no surprise that I worked for 15 years in our family firm selling gardening items…

But, another of my passions was burning inside… advertising and decoration. So I followed by instinct and combining my work experience in the garden sector with my advertising studies and my passion for decoration, I founded Botanyland in 2014.

Thanks to being surrounded by a very competent team, our new online shop was born, where we will grow with you every day to offer you new ideas, new products, for you to have your own “Land” where you will feel at ease. We have also created inspirations to help you imagine how to give your outside space a breath of fresh, healthy and joyful air, and which is also personalised, offering you a wide range of colours and utilities for each product.

The Spirit

That’s life…. every day we rush around and hardly have any time to relax and enjoy free time. At Botanyland, we know that your home is your shelter and it is where you can be yourself, without having to account to anyone… it is where you have real freedom and where you spend more time relaxing.

Those brief moments are ours, when we look after our family, our pets, our plants, or simply, ourselves, and we enjoy those moments in our little corner, our Land.

Your Land does not have to be very big or very spectacular, it just has to be yours, and b especial for you…

And what, for you, is your Land?


Where we are...



Calle Santa Teresa de Jesús 32

50.006 Zaragoza, Spain

Tel. +34 661 857679